Fat Loss Challenge Jitters – SSC Week 7 Update

Last week I confessed that my diet in weeks 5 and 6 was poor and vowed to not let that happen again. Well, I was able to refocus and got my fat demolisher’s groove back in week 7. That being said, I only have five weeks remaining which is making a bit nervous about the fat loss challenge.

Let’s face it, losing sucks no matter what the competition. It can demoralize you unless you’ve got the belly fat demolition attitude.

If you’ve got a fat demolisher’s attitude, you learn from the experience and come back to win.

Anyways, the competition is not over yet and I am not about to pack my bags. I will fight till the end.

All the steps I took to help me refocus had a huge impact on my week 7 results. I went back to basics and redesigned my fat loss diet.

You see, I was getting tired of eating the same meals and needed variety. Also the shortcut to shred program required a higher caloric intake than before because of its intensity.

Therefore, I added a few more fat burning foods to my arsenal and changed my meals. For example, I eat 3 boiled eggs and a cheese string for breakfast instead of a protein shake. I made protein shakes part of my pre and post workout meals.

I lost 5 pounds in week 7, as a result of this change. The fat loss training is also helping me put on lean muscle and I’m noticing that in the mirror.

Main take away for you is to understand that there will come a time during your fat loss journey when you’ll have to go back to basics and refocus. It’s almost like hitting a reset button except you’re not starting from your original weight – which is a good thing.

Don’t give up if and face your fears head on.

Go demolish belly fat!


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