How to Lose Belly Fat – Start with WHY?

Back in September 2010, I weighed 260lbs and by January 2013 I was at 223lbs. I managed to lose to 37 pounds in about two and a half years.

I still wasn’t satisfied so I launched a covert operation in January 2013 and lost 35 pounds in 14 weeks.

You see, I’ve had the desire to lose belly fat for a very long time but my approach to fulfill my wish was totally wrong. I would buy any fat loss program that promised fast fat loss results and a six pack in 12 weeks. I tried all sorts of fat burners and fat loss supplements thinking that they would solve the problem. Bottom line, I was always chasing the next silver bullet.

Does this sound like you? Keep reading…


How to Lose Belly Fat – Start with WHY?

So how did I lose 35 pounds in 14 weeks when it took me two and half years to lose the same amount before?

I really took the time to define my WHY? before launching this covert operation. In other words, I dug the reasons for losing fat that were buried deep inside of me. I mean the REAL reasons.

Everyone wants a six pack and a flat stomach, just like everybody wants to become a millionaire but very few people know what it takes to fulfil their dreams. You see, most people chase the next “get rich quick” schemes or the next fat loss program promising a six pack in 6 weeks with little to no effort.

On the flip side the small minority of people who know what it takes, hustle and carve their own path.

I digress….

Going back to the topic at hand, I asked myself “why am I doing this?”

Just like you, my list of reasons included good self-image, confidence, athletic performance, etc. However, that wasn’t good enough so I dug deeper.

I asked myself, “what do I need things like confidence, good self-image, etc. for?”

A new list emerged which included public speaking, sales, swimming, ice hockey, etc.

I was pleasantly surprised to see this list because it included all my passions in life. I found out that in order to live out my TRUE passions in live, I MUST lose belly fat.

It was almost like a switch turn on in my head and everything just fell into place. I got this incredible drive and focus that I never had before which lead to fast fat loss RESULTS. 

My point is…..

When you start with WHY? it’s nearly impossible for you to get side tracked. Your WHY? will help you get through the inevitable obstacles and fast track your success.

Look, I’m not suggesting that all you need to do is start with WHY? and you’ll lose fat. What I am suggesting however, is that you need a self-talk before you pick a workout program or design your diet. Dig deep and find out why you REALLY want to lose fat.

How to start with WHY?

Here are some questions/ideas to ponder…

Why do I really want to lose fat? Write out all problems belly fat is causing you or things you’re missing out on. Dig deep within you!

Then visualize how your life will TRULY improve when you lose weight and demolish belly fat. Let’s say that you want a six pack. How will your life improve – besides being able to take your shirt off – when you get a six pack?

Are you planning to be a fitness model? Or the improved self-image will help you close more sales and make more money?

If you want make more money, then what’s the reason behind that? Let’s say that your ultimate desire to make more money is to buy a new home for your parents so they’re comfortable in retirement.

Then, the real reason that you want to demolish belly fat is so you can buy a new home for your parents so they’re comfortable in retirement.

Now you won’t let your parents down, would you?

You MUST tie your fat loss quest to your biggest desires and TRUE passions in life. This is where you’ll find the inspiration that will ignite a fire within you which will be impossible to put out.

Below is a TED talk by Simon Sinek, titled Start with WHY?. It really helped me develop the right mindset so I encourage you to watch it. I loved the talk so much that I even bought his book.


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