Nutrition 101: Nutrition Basics for Demolishing Belly Fat

Like most people, I struggled with my diet for years and didn’t know where to begin. All the contradictory information about fat loss diet didn’t help either.

In January of 2013, I officially declared a war against belly fat and vowed to demolish it. I had no choice but to do my own research on fat loss diet because nutrition is a big part of the battle. The knowledge I gained from this research helped me achieve incredible results and continues to be a key ally in demolishing belly fat.

Here’s what I found and learned from experience….

Make Small Changes that form into Habits.

The reason why people fail to demolish belly fat is because they try to make too many changes at once. For some, it might be OK to completely overhaul their diet but most people need to take baby steps.

If you’re eating junk food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner then replace one meal with fat burning power foods. Slowly work on replacing all meals.

Once these small changes become habits then you don’t even need to think. You’ll automatically start gravitating towards fat burning foods.

Count Calories but Don’t Obsess over them.

Some experts will tell you that you MUST count calories and some will that you shouldn’t  Speaking from experience, I suggest that you count calories but it’s not an absolute MUST.

I started counting calories almost two months into my belly fat demolition mission and I was still getting results without counting. However, results came faster when I did start counting because it took all the guess work out and I knew how much to eat.

I would much rather have you focus on making dietary changes than count calories but do include into the mix at some point in your fat loss journey.

During my research on calories I found the relationship between calories and weight loss, how to calculate calories and macronutrients, and how to track caloric intake.

Eat Fat

It’s well established that your fat loss diet should be high in lean protein and low in carbohydrates.

What about dietary fats?

In short, eat fat but not any kind of fat.

A well balanced fat loss diet includes good fats that help you burn more fat. Sounds counter-intuitive but its proven.

Caution: AVOID Trans fat at all cost!

Make Water Your New Best Friend

I’m sure you’ve heard many times that you should drink at least 8 cups of water every day.

Drinking water clear a lot of the junk stored in your belly and helps with appetite control between meals. I drink lots of water after weekends when I usually eat salty food. Salt increase water retention and drinking water helps you lose the water weight.

So, we covered the nutrition basics for demolishing belly fat. What now?

Well, in the next post I will give you the framework to design YOUR ultimate fat loss diet


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