Weight Loss Industry Rakes in Billions of Dollars but People Still Struggle to Lose Belly Fat: 3 Reasons Why That’s Not Shocking

Weight loss industry’s revenues continue to grow but people are still failing to lose belly fat.

Are you one of those people?

In May 2012, ABC News program 20/20 did a story on the weight loss industry and published 3 key stats.

108 Million

The number of people on diets in the United States. Dieters typically make four to five attempts per year.

$500,000 to $3 Million

The average salaries paid to celebrity endorsers of major weight-loss programs.


The amount of money celebrity endorsers, on average, earn per pound lost.


3 Reasons Why People Struggle to Lose Weight While the Weight Loss Industry Continues to Rake in Billions of Dollars.

Lack of Consistency

Guess who benefits when you quit and restart your fat loss journey multiple times a year. You guessed it, the weight loss industry.

Most people will try to fix a problem by throwing money at it before realizing that they actually have to do work. That’s when the excuses start to creep in and they eventually quit.

The sad part is that these people will repeat this cycle multiple times a year.

The Power of Hollywood

Majority of us are impulse buyers and the weight loss industry is well aware of that. Therefore, they pay big bucks to Hollywood celebrities for endorsing their weight loss programs, which gets us to pull out our credit card.

Americans alone are spending well over a $100 million per day on weight loss programs. The worldwide figure is much larger.

The issue is that people don’t take the time to see if the weight loss program will actually work for them or if they’ll be able to keep up with it.

For example, let’s say you want a body like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and he endorses a program that shows you exactly how to get his body.

You buy the program only to find out that there’s no way you can fit in the rigorous workout routine into your schedule. So, what do you do? You quit and begin your search for the next ultimate fat loss program.

Lack of Patience

Let’s face it, we want results fast with minimal effort. That’s the reason diet pills still sell like hot cakes.

Yes, it’s possible to get results fast but don’t expect to get a six pack in 6 weeks if you’ve been eating junk food all your life and have never exercised.

Impatient people jump from one diet program to another in hopes of losing belly fat fast but get nowhere.

Will this Trend Ever Reverse?

Look, I ‘m not going to put the blame squarely on the weight loss industry, although majority of the stuff is pure fluff. Quite frankly there’re lots of good programs that do help people get results.

However, the tactics are useless if people don’t know how to use them and aren’t willing to put in the work.

I can’t tell you if the trend will ever reverse but I can show you how not to be one of those people who spend hundreds of dollars and still struggles to lose belly fat. 

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