WHY I’m a Belly Fat Demolition Operative – Why You Too Should Become an Operative

If you’re a member of this world then you must be aware of the war on terror.

Why did the war on terror start?

Well, someone was threatening our freedom, security, and way of life. Letting the bad guys win would take away our dreams, aspirations, and everything we stood for.

Bottom line, we wouldn’t be happy and suffer both emotionally and physically.

You’ve got two options when someone dictates your life.

You can either choose to suffer OR fight. Just don’t forget that it’s YOUR choice.

The war on terror started because we CHOSE to fight and weren’t going to let ANYONE dictate our future and way of life.

Why am I a Belly Fat Demolition Operative?

Belly fat was taking away my freedom, dreams, and I was suffering both emotionally and physically. My physical insecurities were eating me alive inside.

Belly fat was causing problems in my personal and professional lives and I felt like a failure.

I had a vision for my life which included public speaking, business success, and having a positive impact on others, but belly fat was getting in the way.

All this made belly fat my biggest enemy in life.

After years of suffering, I decided to fight like a soldier. I launched a covert operation – code name Belly Fat Demolition – to eliminate belly fat and became an operative.

“I MUST lose belly fat to live my life my way” was engraved in me.

Bottom line, I MUST liberate myself and fulfill my vision.

Why you should become a Belly Fat Demolition Operative?

Are you a slave to your belly fat? Is belly fat dictating how you live your life and taking away your aspiration? Do your physical insecurities make you feel like a failure?

Can you relate to my WHY?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you’ve got a CHOICE to make.

Continue to SUFFER and have the life sucked right out of you each and every day or FIGHT.

I could’ve kept this mission all to myself but there are people going through similar heartache like myself and that probably includes you or someone close to you. 

As I mentioned above, a big part of my life’s vision is to have a positive impact on people like you. Therefore, I decided to take my fight public. It’s just so much more fun and inspiring when you have a network of Belly Fat Demolition Operatives.

Aren’t you tired of all those weak attempts to lose belly fat?

Look, if you’ve made the decision to FIGHT then becoming a Belly Fat Demolition Operative is a no brainer and I encourage you to become one.

I keep it Real and Authentic. Plus being an operative is so much cooler than being on a fat loss journey.

As a fellow operative, you’ll have all the resources and ammunition you need to win your battles against belly fat. Best of all, you’ll get lots of support because there will be other operatives – including myself – who will be fighting alongside with you.

We WILL defeat our enemy and lose belly fat.

What does it take to become a Belly Fat Demolition Operative?

The following is required from every Belly Fat Demolition Operative.

Kickass Work Ethic

Losing belly fat is simple but it requires a lot of hard work. Your enemy – aka belly fat – will ALWAYS put up a good fight and you MUST out work and out hustle your enemy in order to win.


Patience is necessary because you’re more likely to lose the battle if you rush. Speaking from experience, patience gets FAST results.


You’ll win some battles and lose some. The path to lose belly fat is not straight. There are lots of twist and turns so be resilient and keep pushing.


Be true to yourself. Practice gratitude.

Let go of the need to be someone you’re not. Let go of your past if it brings you down.

You’re NOT a failure.


As a Belly Fat Demolition Operative you must willing to give back because helping others gives us inspiration to continue our fight.

You can give back anyway you want.

For me it’s helping my fellow Belly Fat Demolition Operatives win their battles. For you, it could be the same or it could be helping your family lose belly fat.

It doesn’t have to do with losing fat either. Maybe you make more money as a result of your improved self-image and donate some of those earnings to your favorite charity.

Do you meet the requirement?

If you do, then you’re ready to become a Belly Fat Demolition Operative.

Your mission starts today!

Let’s do this…

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